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Super Hero Coffee - Organic Arabica

Super Hero Coffee - Organic Arabica

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The World's Best Fitness Coffee

    • Super charge your workout with 50mg Caffeine per cup!
    • Reduce post-workout pain by 48%¹
    • Increase metabolism & burn fat²
    • Improved physical performance³
    • Reduced risk of death⁴

    Our Colombian coffee features flavor of vanilla and chocolate together with a fruity taste and a sweet floral aroma. This 100% Arabica coffee has a citrus lemon acidity. Like many premium Colombian coffees, you will enjoy the sweet buttery aftertaste. This coffee retains its flavor very well as it cools.

    The relatively mild flavor of Colombian coffees make it an ideal choice for espressos – they can be roasted dark without turning overly bitter. 

    This coffee is 100% Organic and Fair Trade.








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