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Punisher Dry-Fit Tee

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"You hit them and they get back up, I hit them and they stay down."

-The Punisher

How hard can you hit? Save this for your most brutal days, then put it on and deliver swift, righteous justice. 


Your Powers Include:

  • 4-Way Flex™ Durability - If an ex-Marine can take a beating, so can his shirt. You can count on this tee to last through your toughest workouts. Perfect for BJJ or MMA training
  • UV Protection - Usually, wearing black is a nightmare is the sun. Not for the Punisher. Stay cool and avoid overheating when the skull's on your chest
  • Cool Max™ Breathability - When you're taking all your raw aggression out on the equipment or punching bag, make sure every muscle is getting the right amount of oxygen
  • Moisture-Wicking - Being a vigilante can be a...messy job. Stay comfortable, never feel gross under your gear
  • Quick-Dry - You're not gonna strike fear in the hearts of men with a soggy shirt on. This tee will always stay snug on you and allow for a full range-of-motion


NOTE: These run small so it's best to order 1 size up than your normal US size. 

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